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Aurora El Capitan: Miles's Speed Record Finally Broken.

Speed records are all the rage at the moment in the climbing, trail running and the fast-packing world. From Fastest Known Times (FKT’s) to arduous journeys across mountain ranges, famous alpine peaks, and up big walls, many athletes train specifically for these challenges.

Back in the spring of 1998 an unknown 18-year-old climber from Seattle, Washington by the name of Miles Smart spent that and the following season of 1999 pushing the limits of speed ascents in Yosemite National Park. Miles learned that, together with competent climbing partners, self-sufficiency, speed, and efficiency are critical elements for successful and safe mountaineering.

In those 2 seasons, Miles Smart broke four speed records: South Face on Washington Column 2:27 (with Dean Potter); the Zodiac, 7:04 (with Chris MacNamara); Tangerine Trip 11:56 (with Dean Potter) and Aurora 23:55 (with Brian McCray).

His and McCray’s record has stood until this last week when it was beaten by 2 Yosemite locals, Lance Colley and Brandon Adams, who climbed the 16 pitch 5.7 A4 Aurora on El Capitan’s steep southeast face in 13:02.

Congratulations to Colley and Adams on their achievement and the new record.

Thanks to and for info and quotes.


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