1. SSCW was founded in 1993 by Doug and Emily Coombs.  Doug was a 2-time World Extreme Skiing Champion and pioneer of steep adventure skiing both in the Chugach Range of Alaska and in the European Alps.  Doug’s incredible energy and passion for steep skiing remains the inspiration behind the Camps.

  2. Miles and Liz Smart worked along side Doug for many years and were Doug’s chosen successors for the Camps.  We continue the camps with the same vision Doug had when we worked along side him.  Our approach to the camps is to ski as much adventurous steep terrain as possible while educating you about the big mountain environment and steep skiing technique.

Steep Skiing Camps Worldwide offers world class steep skiing to a small niche of expert skiers seeking the ultimate adventure.


2015 Dates are set:


    February 28 - March 7 2015

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  3. There will be no La Grave Steep Camp in 2015.  However, we will still offer private trips there through Smart Mountain GuidesContact us if you are interested.

Special Thanks to Gabe Rogel for many of the great photos on this website.